Pediatric Dentistry

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the protection and treatment of the dental and oral health of children from infancy to adolescence. Since children’s teeth and gums have a different structure than adults, they require special attention and skills.

Pediatric dentistry services include:

  • Dental examination and evaluation: The general condition of your child’s teeth and gums is evaluated and checked for any problems.
  • Teeth cleaning: With professional dental cleaning, plaque and tartar on the teeth are cleaned and tooth decay is prevented.
  • Dental filling: Damaged teeth caused by tooth decay are repaired with fillings.
  • Tooth extraction: Teeth that have no room in the mouth or are infected are extracted.
  • Orthodontic treatment: Orthodontic treatment is applied to correct crookedness and irregularities in the teeth.
  • Preventive dentistry: Preventive dentistry practices such as fluoride application, fissure sealants and oral care training are performed to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases.

When should you consult a pediatric dentist?

  • After your baby’s first tooth emerges
  • When your child turns 3
  • If you notice any problems with your child’s teeth
  • 6 months after your child’s dentist check-up

The pediatric dentist will perform all the necessary procedures to protect your child’s dental and oral health and will give you information about dental care. You can ensure the healthy development of your child’s teeth with regular dentist check-ups and proper oral care.

Pediatric dentistry is important for your child’s overall health and happiness. It is recommended that you meet with a pediatric dentist regularly to protect your child’s dental and oral health.

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