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A happy smile starts with healthy teeth

About Us
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15 years of experience in dental health

Our specialist physicians have served in oral and dental health for many years and have continued their development with both training and special programs during this period.

A healthy mouth and well-groomed teeth are extremely important in preventing many diseases. Oral care should first be done by the individual and then continued by the dentist with regular check-ups.

Why Gamze Bayındır?

We Care About Your Health

In our polyclinic, we take every precaution to make our patients feel comfortable and satisfied with the treatment. If you want to be treated by a friendly and professional team in a hygienic environment, you can trust Izmir Implant Clinic Dt Gamze Bayındır and her experienced team.

Our Vision

To emphasize the importance of oral and dental health for a healthy society and to provide the highest quality service in this field.


To emphasize the importance of oral and dental health and to contribute to our patients living a healthy and happy life by providing the highest quality service in this field.

Our Expertise

Our specialist dentists and dental health experts offer quality and comfortable service to our patients by using the most up-to-date treatment methods.

Treatment Processes

All our treatments are performed and monitored by a specialist physician.

Our physicians, who are experts in their field, first examine to determine the treatment needed, take images with digital imaging systems when deemed necessary, and determine the correct intervention method.

All our treatments are performed with patient approval, and the patient is informed and the process of the treatment is explained beforehand.


Oral health is checked to determine what kind of disorders there are and, if necessary, preliminary intervention is made.

Determining Treatment

The type of treatments that can be applied for the detected disorders, the positive and negative aspects of these treatment methods are explained to the patient, and the type of treatment to be applied is selected.


The preferred treatment method is applied and the patient is informed step by step during the application phase.


It is important to restore and maintain dental health after treatment, so regular check-ups after treatment ensure the success of the treatment.

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